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Endocrinology - Main Fields of Activity

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Main Fields of Activity

Cholesterol and Triglycerides : Poor diet and some illnesses can lead to increased cholesterol and triglycerides in adults and children. With proper treatment, the risk of future cardiovascular complications is reduced.


Diabetes: If you are overweight, family members with diabetes, high blood pressure, or blood fat changes, see an endocrinologist. You can develop diabetes! But if you drink a lot of water, urinate a lot, and lose weight, you could be diabetic.


Pituitary Diseases: Pituitary tumors can lead to the presence of milk in the breasts, outside the period of breastfeeding, in addition to facial changes, increased shoe size, headaches and visual disturbances.


Excess Hair : Women with excess hair on the face (hirsutism), acne or increased muscle mass may be over-produced with male hormones.


Obesity: Obesity poses a risk to the health of children and adults. Treatment guided by the specialist avoids a series of complications, such as cardiovascular and orthopedic ones.


Osteoporosis: This is an endocrine disease. Bone pain and frequent fractures can mean bone weakness. See your endocrinologist. He can diagnose and indicate the most appropriate treatment.  


Hormone Replacement for Menopause: Hormone replacement is an effective treatment, made with hormones equal to the woman's own, to ease the discomfort and risks caused by menopause.


Thyroid: Nodules or swelling of the neck; nervousness; insomnia and changes in bowel rhythm; accelerated heart; weight loss or gain; and excessive heat or cold may reveal thyroid disorders.

Pediatric Endocrinology:  suspected growth disorder, obesity and  early puberty.

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