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Medical Evaluation

Avaliação médica

Regular medical evaluation enables the prevention or early diagnosis and treatment of pathologies

You often have unpleasant sensations that you can't explain, these are called symptoms.

Symptoms are warnings from our body that something is not right and that something needs to be changed to improve it, for example, too much thirst can be due to excessive consumption of salt, sugar, too much heat or diabetes.

During the medical evaluation we heard the symptoms of the patients and asked for others who  they don't even know they are symptoms and we look for signs (physical changes that we can see or measure  like skin blemishes  or fever) to reach a diagnostic hypothesis together with the patient's history.

Based on the diagnostic hypothesis, we request additional tests to confirm  or away  this hypothesis.


Only exams, without a good evaluation, can show little significant alterations and not lead to the diagnosis of the real problem, leading to unnecessary and ineffective treatments.

Find a doctor who listens to your complaints and reacts to them, without standard magic formulas.

Your health is your greatest asset.

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