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healthy weight loss


weight loss with diets

Restrictive diets without proper monitoring can be harmful for you! In the medical endocrinological evaluation, dietary and metabolic problems are distinguished for a healthy lifestyle.


As each person is unique ,  not always a diet will be the same efficiency for everyone. The endocrinologist can assess your individual needs and complement or not the  drug treatment.


There are many types of diets, not all of which have proven scientific benefit. Dieting alone can be very frustrating and dangerous.


Many propagated diets restrict carbohydrate, such as high-protein diets. Carbohydrate is the energy base of our body, removing it increases the degradation of our adipose tissue and consequently we lose weight, however, these metabolites must be eliminated by the kidneys and liver, may overload them.


Another important factor in weight loss is the assessment.  of body composition, this way we can differentiate fat mass from lean mass more precisely, and thus optimize the loss of fat mass and maintenance or gain of lean mass.

In addition to the diet, follow-up with an endocrinologist is important because after a rapid weight loss our body shows a decrease in metabolic activity, leading to a weight plateau. With monitoring of the endocrinologist, we can break this inertia and continue with weight loss and long-term maintenance.


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